Framed Photograps -
Prices are based on the amount of work involved and the materials used. For an approximated 1.2m framed photograph, expect to pay around $280 dollars.

Professional printing cost: Unfortunatelly high quality printing at professional labs is not cheap like everyday photo printing at the local shopping centre.

Framing: My frames are made from reclaimed wood (Reclaimed - buss word for stuff other people dont want); regardless of that, it takes time to find it, collect it, clean, cut it, etc. Its an artesanal process and every frame is made according to your needs.

Artistry: Is the value added to the capturing of those singularly beautifull moments and saving them for ever.

Montages -
Montages are made by order and prices vary depending on the amount the post-processing work the images might need to undergo prior to stitching them together. Size will also influence the final cost. That said, they are quite reasonably priced starting at around $300 dollars for a 1 by 1 meter piece composed by 10x15cm photos stiched together.